Laser Treatment for Skin

Laser treatment for skin is growing in popularity nowadays. The stress and environmental factors that we encounter today has accelerated the signs of aging on our face. Wrinkles and fine lines tend to mar a perfectly smooth face rather quickly in today’s environment. With the introduction of laser treatment for skin such as laser resurfacing, these issues can be addressed rather easily.
Laser resurfacing is a technique to reduce wrinkles and other irregularities such as scars and blemishes with the help of concentrated light beams directed at the concerned area. They are usually done for customers who have wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth area. Laser treatment for skin like laser resurfacing are done for treating acne scars and non-responsive skin acquired in face lift or other skin treatments as well.

Types of Laser Treatment for Skin:
Erbium Laser Resurfacing
Laser treatment for skin is used to remove wrinkles and lines in face, neck, hands and chest, the method uses erbium laser and is best suited for dark skinned people. Its an outpatient procedure, and has minimal side effects and minimum recovery time.
CO2 Resurfacing
This laser treatment for skin uses continuous light beams or ultra-beams to cure scars, wrinkles, warts and other skin conditions by eliminating upper thin layers of skin. This treatment causes negligible heat damage and takes up to 2 weeks for recovery.
The treatment requires follow up and care that should be done per advice of a qualified cosmetologist.

Dr. Rekha’s Skin and Slim Centre
, Mumbai, India offers skin, hair and weight management treatments to increase aesthetic appeal. Headed by Dr. Rekha, who has been in the field of aesthetic cosmetology for the last 2 decades, the clinic offers expert solutions including skincare, nutritional management and hair fall. Advanced infrastructure and latest technology helps it to provide customised treatment packages befitting customer requirement. Laser treatment for skin to prevent signs of aging is one of its specialties.

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