Best PRP Treatment For Your Beauty

The beauty industry is day by day throwing a light of new methodologies to get back to the young days of your beauty. One such newly available methodology is Plasma-Rich-Platelet (PRP) Treatment.

PRP treatment is now widely used in the field of dermatology, skin wound healing, hair care treatment and skin rejuvenation procedure. Studies prove that PRP injected into the skin is capable to generate new collagen in the skin and can also repair the skin damaged by sun and issues of skin ageing.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) injected to an individual is taken from their own body. Blood collected from the body of an individual is subjected to some procedures, in order to separate the RBC and WBC from it, so that only platelets remains back. This gives out a platelet rich plasma (fluid) which is injected to the body of the individual for treating certain issues related to skin and hair. This is an older technique used decades before in athletes to quickly heal their injuries. But now it has also proved its efficiency in dermatology.

PRP treatment for acne scar removal:

PRP therapy is considered as a good method for treating skin acne scars. But this treatment is carried out only when acne is controlled once. Here the platelet rich plasma obtained from the patient’s body is injected into the areas of acne scars. The concentrated platelets will boost up the regrowth of collagen and elastin that will heal the acne scars.


PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation:

The skin rejuvenating treatment using PRP therapy has paved a very good result. The platelet rich fluid (plasma) is injected to those areas like, under the eyes, forehead, smile lines, wrinkles and neck, needed to be regenerated. These platelets having the ability to create a regrowth of collagen and elastin, will tighten the skin regaining the youthful freshness of your skin that you had once.

PRP treatment for hair loss:

The platelet rich plasma is injected to your scalp with a thin needle to treat your hair issues. The growth factor in your blood will do their job and stimulate the natural growth of your hair. This method is equally suitable for both men and women. This is a non-surgical and totally natural method for solving the hair loss or hair thinning problems, giving you a healthier looking hair.

Dr. Rekha’s Skin & Slim Centre gives you the most effective PRP treatment in Mumbai. We employ the latest cutting-edge techniques in non-surgical aesthetic enhancement. Our highly experienced team perform these in order to optimize or improve your natural look.

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